VUSD Career Education Website

VUSD Career Education Website

With VUSD Career Education, students select a pathway that interests them. So their website acts as a utility to help students select that pathway online, for students in every school in the VUSD.

With that in mind Searle designed and crafted an experience that highlights the pathways available for each school. The pathway icons we designed for VUSD are bright and bold, and the hover effect on desktop (using a CSS filter, with cross-browser support) is a subtle attention grabber.

The pathways themselves are a custom post-type; progressively enhanced with custom templates, CSS and javascript on the front end, with an intuitive UI and custom, pathway-specific fields on the back end.

We also made it accessible and responsive; so that students and parents of all abilities can access these same opportunities online, and get the same experience on any device.

Career Education gives students the opportunity to connect with local business and industry leaders and network using skills they already have. might be the first step on that pathway, and reflects the vision, rich history, and diversity of the Ventura Unified School District.

Project Categories: rendered on a MacBook Pro, iPad, and iPhone

Fullscreen screenshot of's home page