VMF at the Drive-In

VMF at the Drive-In

The Ventura Music Festival rose to the challenge that was 2020 by producing a new concert experience; enjoyed from your own car, at a custom Drive-In with stage, light show and great sound from your own stereo system via FM radio. A great viewing experience for everyone in a beautifully run, socially-distanced, audience-safe environment.

An advertising campaign was developed to showcase VMF’s solution and present it to the public. From handbills and print advertising, to posters and signage and in 3 different colorways. Playful illustrative components are a throwback to 70s drive-in kitsch. The typography compliments these elements, fun but very readable, and the distanced aspect of this year’s festival is emphasized as a positive throughout.

Like the VMF, these print materials reflect the inclusive, welcoming environment of the festival; where people come together to hear music that reflects themselves and their diverse communities.

Award Winner - Addy American Advertising Awards
Project Categories:

Rendering: VMF print ads, in a masonry style floating layout
Rendering: VMF sandwich board, in an upscale tiled courtyard
Rendering: VMF bus bench poster