Visionality Partners Website

Visionality Partners Website

VISIONALITY has grown from a one-woman passion project to a team of innovative, equality-minded, fiercely forward-thinking employees. They are dedicated to developing and implementing creative solutions that change the way nonprofits succeed.

Their mission is well represented in their new website. A custom post type leverages wordpress’ custom content type capabilities, neatly presenting VISIONALITY’s deep portfolio of community and nonprofit projects. The projects are also categorized by type (via a custom taxonomy), to surface solutions that are a match for the needs of prospective clients.

To encourage engagement, a “Turn YOUR Vision Into Reality” call-to-action (CTA) is present in the footer at all times. On the home page, this sits right below a carousel featuring VISIONALITY partners.

The site is responsive, for equal impact on all screens. It also leverages on-page optimizations (like lazy-loading, expires headers, gzip compression and browser caching) and server-side caching; making the user experience as uniform as possible.

Project Categories:

The Rendering: The Visionality Partners website is displayed on an iMac, iPad and iPhone

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