Team Test

Searle Creative Graphic Design Staff Ventura 2015

Who We Are

A dynamic marketing and design company in Ventura, California, Searle Creative Group LLC offers a full range of “ad agency” services, including such staples as graphic design, websites, advertising, brochures, and corporate identity. We specialize in helping clients develop and execute sound marketing strategies, especially in the business-to-business arena. We have been in business since 2000 and have helped dozens of clients — from multi-million dollar public companies to one-person startups — find creative solutions to their marketing communications challenges.

Our Promise

Searle Creative Group comprises a group of professionals skilled in all areas of print and web design who work together to make your message come alive for your audience. Our diverse experience means that we can bring a fresh outlook to new projects. In addition to being creative, experienced, and technologically savvy, we endeavor to go a step further and examine and explore each new project with enthusiasm and unique insight. Our commitment is to understand your company as if it were our own, and to use the language of visual design to convey the essence of your brand to your target audience.

No fluff, no art for art’s sake, and definitely no big egos.

The Team

Kellie Meehan searle creative group owner

Kellie Meehan

Owner & Chief Creative Strategist

Creative Direction, Copywriting, Design, Marketing Strategy

Kellie excels at developing strong marketing strategies and enjoys the challenge of discovering optimal ways to get attention, communicate, and persuade. An accomplished designer, her creative oversight guarantees that her clients’ marketing communications reinforce their brand in the most powerful way possible. Her job is to ensure that no matter what project Searle executes for its clients, it’s on target with both their brand story and their marketing objectives. Results matter.

Kellie holds a bachelor’s degree in creative writing from University of California, Santa Barbara. Before launching Searle Creative in 2000, Kellie served as in-house copywriter for a $65 million agricultural brand, and prior to that she worked an editor for Santa Barbara-based educational publisher ABC-CLIO. She also contributed articles and served as editor-at-large for a marketing trade magazine. Kellie serves on the board of Project Understanding, a nonprofit that provides shelter, food, and education to those who desperately need it in our community. She attends New Life Community Church in Oxnard.

  • Nicole Bosman

  • Online Marketing Director

Web Design & Development, Online & Social Marketing, SEO, Video Production

A graphic designer and web developer with over 17 years’ experience in the field, Nicole worked in the start-up internet industry before beginning her career with Searle Creative Group in 2002. She has worked with all levels of the development process, from requirements gathering through deployment on small- to large-scale web projects. Her deep understanding of user interaction and online behavior makes her uniquely suited to lead Searle Creative’s website development and online marketing efforts on behalf of our clients. Nicole also is also adept at video production, search engine optimization, social media strategy, and SEO/SEM.

  • Aimee Allred

  • Creative Director

Creative Services Management, Web Design and Development

A truly creative multi-talent who constantly pushes the envelope, Aimee brings a contemporary taste and unique perspective to all of the pieces she oversees, whether it’s an award-winning website, a high-profile logo, or an automated email marketing system. Aimee is a careful curator of quality, pushing every project to be its absolute best. Not limited to brilliant creativity, she is also an amazing analytical thinker, eagerly diving into new technology and solutions. Aimee earned a certification in Graphic Design for Web from the Technology Development Center in Ventura, California and freelanced in both print and web for several years before joining Searle in 2010.

  • Kayla Wilde

  • Art Director

Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography

Kayla’s passion for design started in 2002. What intrigued her the most was the design process from the start to the finished product. Kayla started her formal training at Brooks Institute of Photography and graduated with a Bachelors in Visual Communications. Since joining Searle Creative in 2014, Kayla has proved to be a highly flexible production powerhouse, tackling everything from advertising to sales collateral, identity, email campaigns, and photography (and everything in between). Kayla maintains her knowledge of all social media platforms and keeps up with current market trends.

  • Joe Howard

  • Web Developer

Web Development, Web Design, Illustration

Joe is an artist by nature (and a fantastic illustrator) with over 18 years in magazine and website design. Joe is also very solutions-oriented, which has led him in programming and development the last 10 years of his career. He possesses an intricate knowledge of the technology that drives online functionality and is a stickler for upholding best practices. A front-end web developer and WordPress master, Joe has vast experience in PHP, CSS/CSS3, HTML/HTML5, Drupal, and custom PHP. He enjoys planning the architecture of complex interactive elements and putting his creative spin on clients’ brands across compelling campaigns and emerging trends.

  • Melissa Lenington

  • Marketing Coordinator

Production Design, Event Coordination, Social Media Management

As marketing coordinator, Melissa helps keep everyone at Searle on track. She is extremely flexible, always cheerful, and is gifted with a “how-can-I-help?” attitude that is treasured at our company. She also has a phenomenal eye for QC. Melissa has a special interest in event planning and coordination, so has a large role in the events Searle is fortunate to be part of producing. She’s also killer at social media and content marketing, and she is expert at analyzing and crunching the numbers so we can measure success. Melissa holds a BA in Business Administration from Principia College in Illinois.

  • Kelly Myers

  • Art Director

Web Design, Graphic Design, Custom Illustration

Kelly attended Sonoma State University where she dabbled in everything from mathematics to metal sculpture, but never found her passion. She became interested in graphic design when her roller derby league found itself desperate for effective materials to market its events. Kelly stepped up, and she soon discovered a love of – and talent for – layout and typography. In 2009 Kelly received her professional certification in Graphic Design for Web and Publishing from the Technology Development Center in Ventura. Her professional experience includes five years in the art and marketing departments of a major drinkware manufacturer. Kelly also owns her own custom vinyl decals business, where she can showcase her exceptional creativity as an illustrator. In fact, she’s our in-house infographic queen.

  • Dustin Waller

  • Videographer/Photographer

Video Production, Graphic Design

Dustin’s passion for visual media started in 2005 when he photographed the volunteer efforts of Hurricane Katrina and landed a job for a magazine in Chicago, shooting commercial photography and video. Skilled at both graphic design and photo/video, Dustin soon became the creative director for the magazine. In 2011 he ventured out on his own and has been shooting food, fashion, commercial, and NGO efforts in third world countries. Dustin has a talent for capturing captivating imagery in any situation and producing engaging, effective videos.

  • Josh Vance

  • Web Developer

Web Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization

Josh loves anything that has to do with technology. With a range of experience in web development, graphic design, photography, videography, and even IT, he is able to think on his feet to solve anything that is thrown at him. He enjoys keeping up with the constantly evolving requirements of search engine optimization in order to make sure that our clients’ sites rank as high as possible. Josh’s passion for technology and a constant desire to learn enables him to put his best foot forward with everything he does.

  • Heather Behrens

  • Event Coordinator

Event & Project Coordination, Copywriting

Heather has a strong drive to do a great job, whether it’s organizing events, writing copy, or working on websites. Growing up in the Bay area, Heather graduated with a B.S. in Recreation from Chico State. Since then she has had some great experiences traveling the world and living within other cultures; maybe you’d find her teaching windsurfing in Japanese or teaching English to a group of Korean students. Heather enjoys writing and designing in all art forms – she even owns her own kiln. It’s Heather’s warmth and excitement that make her such a valuable resource to Searle and to all those around her.


  • Su-lin Rubalcava

  • Educational & Hispanic Marketing Specialist

Project Management, Account Management

A highly strategic thinker who thrives on analysis, Su-lin brings both order and imagination to every project she works on at Searle. She is adept at spotting an organization’s critical business requirements and identifying deficiencies and potential opportunities in the market. Su-lin is unbelievably efficient, energetic and is the best, most organized planner Kellie has ever met.

Su-lin’s past experience includes community relations manager at the Ventura County Star and marketing director for County Schools Credit Union. She holds an MPAA from California Lutheran University and is a graduate of the Ventura County Leadership Academy, 2008 Cohort.



Strategic Partners

Ruth Ballin Marketing & Public Relations |

Our longtime project partner and associate Ruth Ballin is an award-winning marketing professional with more than 25 years’ experience in destination marketing, downtown revitalization and community event planning. Ruth’s thoughtful and creative style, combined with resourcefulness and attention to detail, have contributed to her reputation for excellence in the communities where she works.

Chris Zsarnay, Z Studios Photography |

Whether it’s a product shoot in the studio or photographing models on location, Chris is the best. He has shot everything from festivals to portraits to products to microscopic bugs for Searle’s clients and made them all into art. Searle is incredibly fortunate to have him as a partner.

Janis Flippen Public Relations |

With a career spanning over 30 years, Janis Flippen is a seasoned professional in the public relations industry. She has developed a wide network of media contacts in the travel industry in addition to local and regional journalists. Her reputation among the media has helped her clients gain publicity both locally and in major outlets.

Patty Brown

Patty’s organizational expertise includes event conceptualization, planning & implementation, sponsor sales, and media and guest relations. Contact Patty through LinkedIn.

Jano Graphics |

For amazing quality offset and digital printing, this family-owned business had DECADES of printing experience is a total delight to work with. Ask for Ginna.

Xibeo |

Innovative and ultra-dependable, Xibeo creates absolutely dazzling tradeshow exhibits and retail interiors for any budget. If you can think it, they can build it.

Two-D Productions |

A commercial and infomercial production company, Dena Levy and her team are legendary in the business. Their work sells products on television and online. Period.

Image Source |

Printing, mounting, banners, murals, and more, all at top quality. They can print on almost anything and come up with creative solutions for graphics.