Sa’aliyaš Ranch Microsite

Sa’aliyaš Ranch Microsite

Ventura Unified School District is launching a certified organic farm facility called Sa’aliyaš Ranch that will provide high school students with cutting-edge agriculture vocational training.

For at least 11,000 years the areas around Ventura were home to the Ventureño band of Chumash Mission Indians, in their native language, “Sa’aliyaš” means “on the path,”. The name for this new facility not only acknowledges the original stewards of the land, but also represents the pathway that students will be on as they explore careers in agriculture.

The microsite for this effort is bright, bold, and easy to navigate on any device. Colorful illustrations depicting fruits and veggies adorn the logo – a direct nod to California’s rich history of agricultural branding. Every element is responsive and makes space when needed (on smaller screens) prioritizing content. Content is subtly animated; drawing focus and creating rhythm as the user scrolls. The site also includes integrated on-site popup translation (via Google Translate).

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The Rendering: The Sa'aliyaš Ranch microsite is displayed on an iMac, iPad and iPhone

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