Rebecca for School Board Website

Rebecca for School Board Website

With 13 years of experience working in education, in 2020 Rebecca Chandler made the decision to run for Ojai Unified School District Board. A new WordPress microsite was a key component of that campaign, providing a convenient and accessible channel for voters to look over her platform, experience and endorsements – all while being easily edited as new important information was released.

Design for the campaign centers around Rebecca’s personal brand. It’s colorful, honest, and straight to the point. The teal, violet, and navy blue color palette boosts contrast and compliments the imagery. Alternating light and dark sections work to improve readability and help highlight specific topics. The site also included a clear to read map detailing the district and the specific trustee areas.

To help Rebecca achieve her campaign goals every supporting action is one click away. There’s a short and sweet newsletter signup form (a Mailchimp integration for easy contact with constituents), and call to action buttons for ordering free yard signs, submitting endorsements and donating to the campaign. Every element is responsive and makes space when needed, prioritizing content and making the microsite easily navigable on any device.

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Rendering: The Rebecca Chandler for School Board microsite is displayed on an iMac, iPad and iPhone

Fullpage screenshot of the Rebecca Chandler for School Board microsite