Explore Lompoc

Spotlight Projects

"Explore Lompoc' Promotional Products

Explore Lompoc Space to Explore Promos

Destination marketing is chock full of creative strategies for getting visitors to your destination. The use of promotional materials, if…

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Explore Lompoc' Tablet Social Media

Explore Lompoc Online Marketing 2019

A strong online marketing strategy is extremely important to a tourism destination like Explore Lompoc. Online connections foster greater awareness…

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'Explore Lompoc' Exhibit Booth Design

Explore Lompoc Exhibit Booth Graphics

This new exhibit booth design for Explore Lompoc features new tourism photography and a wonderfully vibrant, playful color palette. Both…

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Woman doing yoga in Vineyard

Explore Lompoc Spring Tourism Photoshoot

There’s nothing quite like telling the story of a destination through beautiful photography and videography. For this spring 2019 shoot…

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'Explore Lompoc' Visitors Guide Mockup

Explore Lompoc Visitors Guide

Quickly becoming an unexpected tourist destination, with Lompoc’s relaxing atmosphere and mild Mediterranean climate it’s suited for visitors year-round. A…

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Lompoc Calendar 2016

Explore Lompoc Calendar

What better way to show the scenic beauty of Lompoc Valley than a bright cheerful calendar? This 12 month calendar…

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Explore Lompoc Email Campaigns

Explore Lompoc Email Campaigns

Custom Responsive MailChimp email campaigns to keep visitors interested and engaged with Lompoc as a destination. These emails showcase a…

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Couple Wine Tasting in Lompoc

Explore Lompoc Commercial 2016

This cable TV spot that we shot and produced for Explore Lompoc highlights all that the destination has to offer…

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Sky Diving in Lompoc

Lompoc SkyDiving Promotion

Explore Lompoc needed a compelling video to show all the unique excitement of the skydiving experience in Lompoc. Using video…

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Videographer Lompoc Wine Tasting

Lompoc California Destination Video

Searle Creative Group is no stranger to the world of DMO (Destination Marketing Organizations). We have performed creatively and statistically…

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