Spotlight Projects

Chemtrol Product Sheet on Table

Chemtrol Product Sheets and Brochure

Chemtrol offers full automation and data management for pools and large water systems. This project entailed a general product brochure…

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Contractor Certs Video Thumbnail

Contractor Certs Video

Understanding what software does can sometimes make your head spin. Drowning in pages of technical specifications and guides can really…

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CBS Murtec Tradeshow Banner

Custom Business Solutions Tradeshow Graphics

This year, NorthStar wanted to make a statement and really grab the attention of attendees at their upcoming tour of…

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Contractor Certs Website

Contractor Certs

Contractor Certs is a dynamic tracking system specifically designed for contractors to help them manage the heavy paperwork tracking process…

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Searle Financial Website

Searle Financial

Searle Finanical has been serving clients in the Ventura County area for over 20 years! Their new mobile responsive WordPress…

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CBS Responsive Website

CBS NorthStar Email Campaigns

When CBS NorthStar made the switch from Constant Contact to MailChimp email platform, Searle Creative migrated the list database, set…

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CBS NorthStar Restaurant POS

NorthStar Restaurant POS Website

For over 20 years, CBS has been providing the highest quality software solutions for the restaurant industry. So it’s no…

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CBS NorthStar Whitepapers

CBS Print

A huge player in the restaurant technology industry (think ordering your food on a tablet!) Custom Business Solutions offers everything…

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CBS Video production ventura

CBS NorthStar Video

Adding video to your website and social media campaigns can have a huge impact in several ways. A primary way…

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