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Native Monarchs Website is a non-profit dedicated to propagating and promoting Monarch butterfly habitat. The Monarch butterfly travels an astonishing 3,000 miles during its migration – a journey that takes generations to complete.

Sadly, over the last two decades, the Monarch butterfly’s overall population has declined by more than 90 percent — leaving the species at serious risk of extinction. The overarching goal of Native Monarchs is to address this crisis through community, education and partnership efforts with businesses, home owners, and non-profits like Monarchs in the Rough, Audubon and the Environmental Defence Fund.

The website boldly and colorfully directs visitors to informative resources, to make a financial contribution, to signup as volunteers or to submit requests for information. The illustrative design brightly compliments photos of recent additions to migratory Monarch habitat expansion efforts. The site is fully responsive, has optimized next-gen formatted images, and is snappy and accessible on screens large and small.

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