Mixteco Website

Mixteco Website

The Indigenous migrant communities that MICOP advocates for come primarily from southern Mexico, including the states of Oaxaca, Guerrero, Michoacán, and Puebla. Mixteco’s website design reflects the rich cultural heritage of these communities. Bright patterns, illustrations and photography complement content throughout the site, while colorful offset frames (created with CSS only) highlight important information and calls to action.

It’s also highly readable and accessible; with large type, ample negative space and padding, translation services site-wide and an accessibility widget with handy shortcuts to improve contrast, color and other features. We bring the same online experience to the broadest possible audience by always meeting or exceeding WCAG & ADA recommendations and requirements, and Mixteco is no exception.

Mixteco features quick-listen and app download links for their Indigenous community radio station (Radio Indigena 94.1 FM), a calendar for community events, physical + mental health program information and other community resources. Additionally, MICOP offers indigenous language services and interpretation in Ventura County. A page of the website is dedicated to this purpose; featuring an intake form for new clients, extensive contact details, and quick links to a new service request form for existing clients.

Being a 501(c) nonprofit organization means that community support and trust are critical to maintaining day to day operations and services, especially in the face of challenges that are unique to migrants and their advocates. Visitors can confidently peruse the website, make donations and submit forms knowing that all of their interactions are completely anonymous, encrypted from end-to-end. The website is also fully responsive, making mixteco.org’s valuable resources and content available on any device.

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The mixteco.org website; rendered on a MacBook and iPad Pro

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