Menifee Police Live Webinar Series

Menifee Police Live Webinar Series

Assisting the Menifee Police Department in building their new department has been one of our favorite unique projects. Introducing potential candidates to Chief Walsh via multiple live webinar sessions and allowing them to ask questions and hear honest, live feedback was one of our most successful strategies for connecting with the audience. The response and attendance to these live sessions was very impressive, and exceed our expectations.

The strategy for this project included extensive online marketing on social platforms and email campaigns to raise awareness of the session dates and times and collect session signups, automated platform email reminders of the upcoming webinar for attendees, platform testing and setup prior to the webinar at Ring Central, live webinar monitoring including introductions, graphic displays during the session, recording and editing of the video footage post-webinar, making the video recap available via email gate with MailChimp automation for distribution, and providing webinar reporting statistics in our monthly online marketing results.

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