Menifee PD “Where’s The Chief” Video Series

Menifee PD “Where’s The Chief” Video Series

Alongside the wonderful staff at the City of Menfiee, Searle Creative developed and produced a series of short video snippets to propel the nationwide recruitment of officers and sworn employees for the new Menifee Police Department. These clever, short videos known as “Where’s the Chief” jokingly follow the chief through some unorthodox recruiting techniques such as spinning signs on street corners, driving around golf courses and running from the police chief in neighboring Murietta who has “busted” him recruiting on his turf.

These irreverent videos are more than an online marketing engagement piece, they convey the good nature, humor and positive attitude of the entire city. They encourage like-minded people to seek more information about open positions, check out available resources and ultimately apply for employment with the department where they will likely be a good fit and uphold similar community values.

This campaign included sketch writing, prop creation, multiple location on-site videography, and editing of over 10 videos. We also maintained a comprehensive, time released online marketing push including social media outreach on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube as well as weekly email campaigns helping us achieve over 80,000 highly targeted reach in just 2 months.

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