Menifee COVID Signage

Menifee COVID Signage

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, health and safety information about social distancing, mask and risk/self-assessment guidelines have been critical to maintaining public safety. The City of Menifee has also had to communicate various aspects of how this guidance has changed to suit shifting pandemic conditions in the state of California, and more specifically in the Riverside County Public Health region.

Signage and stickers were developed to assist in communicating coronavirus guidance and policy. Media is both on-brand for the City of Menifee, and on-message. All of these printed materials are highly readable, high-contrast and to the point.

Where it makes the most sense to have them; there are QR codes and phone numbers to connect the public directly to a city representative or to more detailed and specific resources. Emphasis is on the most immediately relevant info, exhorting people to do all they can to keep the City of Menifee safe and healthy.

Project Categories:

Rendering: A sandwich-board is displayed outside an office building; with information updated for eased COVID restrictions
Rendering: COVID signage for City of Menifee, depicted in a large, gloss, well-lit office lobby
Rendering: Waiting room signage advises visitors to self-assess, keep physical distance, and respect limited occupancy to avoid spreading COVID
Rendering: A floor sticker created for the city of Menifee indicates that customers should maintain a safe distance due to Covid