Landsat 9 Launch and GeoTour Campaign

Landsat 9 Launch and GeoTour Campaign

Explore Lompoc was proud to host thousands who gathered to catch a glimpse of the launch of Landsat 9 from Vandenberg Space Force Base. Surrounded by rolling hills, flower fields and miles of vineyards, Lompoc is the best vantage point for unmanned space launches on the West Coast. What’s more, the launch of Landsat 9 marked the 50th anniversary of the game changing Landsat program. Landsat data and images are used to more deeply understand environmental changes, prepare response to natural disasters, and even forecast future crop productions. What an opportunity to celebrate, and Explore Lompoc kicked off the activities with a bang!

During the weeks leading up to the launch, events were planned for visitors and local space enthusiasts, in conjunction with NASA and the City of Lompoc, such as exhibits, mural unveiling, family fun activities, talks, and even a geotour. This project included a wide range of digital and print marketing and promotional outreach including website landing pages, videos, social media, promotional items, and print advertising.

The Landsat 9 Geotour took months of planning in conjunction with NASA, USGS, and the City of Lompoc to plan out locations, cache types, a Geotour passport, swag bags, and even an official diamond Geocoin which was custom minted. This Geotour was so popular, that it was renewed for a second year and new caches were added.

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