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According to research, Mobile Ad Spending will Top $100 Billion Worldwide in 2016. Online marketing is BIG business and, as you’re probably aware, very competitive. Why is targeted online engagement so important? Simple – by creating a targeted client profile, you will learn what will attract your ideal customer or client.

There is a big difference between getting someone to connect with you online and engaging the RIGHT someone. You know you’re business and most clients come to us knowing exactly who they want to reach but are frustrated in their attempts to attract that right client – the one that converts into a paying customer and raving fan!

We’ve compiled a list of what some important things to consider when you’re trying to attract qualified local leads online:

1) Make sure your website is visible to search engines – Often a client will come to us and ask why they can’t find their site on the internet when they search. We ask several questions: have you checked to make sure you have Google analytics installed and registered your sitemap with Google webmaster tools? Does Bing know you exist? To ensure that the major search engines know you are open for business, you must make sure that your website is registered with them. The registration process is fairly straight forward but some parts (like creating an .xml sitemap for Google) might require assistance from a programmer.

2) Add your business to local directories – If you are a local business and you aren’t visible online, we ask several questions: Are you on Yelp and actively engaging your happy clients to receive reviews? Are you listed correctly in any local directories important to attracting your customer, like the Chamber of Commerce? Are your contact details consistent and is your business in the right category/subcategory? Have you created a Facebook page for your business and a Google listing? These are just some of the intentional actions engage in to begin cultivating your ideal client.

3) Know you’re online strategy – An engagement strategy is important for the online success of your business. You should be able to answer important questions about your ideal client or customer and how you find, engage and attract them online. How are you interacting with your fans and followers across your social media platform? Who is your ideal client and how do you talk to them? How often will you post to your blog and social media? What offers will attract your idea customer?

Whether you’re frustrated with your current online advertising or would like to learn more about how to engage your online audience, Searle Creative can assist you in strategically positioning your online presence for maximum impact.

Contact us today for a free consultation! Call Kellie at (805) 648-4403 or fill out our contact form for more information.


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