Finding the Right Webhosting

Many clients are in the dark when it comes to webhosting. I bought my domain name, isn’t that enough? What else do I have to do? What do I need? Can’t I just sign up on GoDaddy? (Please don’t.)

When you register your domain name, you are basically buying the rights to use that specific URL… but it’s not the same as a webhosting plan. That’s what you need when you want to actually build a website! The files that the interwebs see have to actually SIT somewhere, in order to be accessed. That’s webhosting.

We can work with most any host – it’s up to you! The only thing we don’t recommend is webhosting it yourself on your internal servers. Not only can it be tough to configure, you could be putting your whole internal drives at risk for hacking, and it’s not worth it.

One of our favorite hosts for WordPress webhosting is It’s sort of Cadillac-level webhosting – fast, secure, and quick restores. To get two free months of WordPress webhosting with WP Engine, click here and sign up for the annual plan.

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