CIMC Healthcare Heroes Campaign

CIMC Healthcare Heroes Campaign

The goal of this dynamic, multifaceted campaign was to recognize the accomplishments and dedication of the people doing critical healthcare work on Catalina Island, and speak directly to donors and listeners about this feel-good, life-changing work.

The campaign invites patients to share their healthcare experiences at CIMC. A landing page highlights some of those experiences and includes a secure web form so that other CIMC patients can share their stories. This provides valuable real-time feedback for CIMC and proved to be a rewarding, feel good, community-boosting effort.

While the campaign was in full swing, advertising was published in local print media; from half to full page ad spots. Online ads accompanied the print advertising, spanning the digital divide. Short YouTube videos were also produced to highlight specific patients and their stories, and the healthcare workers and staff at CIMC themselves (in both Spanish and English).

Social media and email newsletter campaigns were maintained in conjunction with advertising on physical and online ad networks. Patient stories were periodically highlighted on Facebook and Instagram; to increase engagement throughout the campaign, and to give the sense of real-time feedback for followers of CIMC on social media.

The Healthcare Heroes landing page is cornerstone content, and can be refreshed to highlight future CIMC milestones and experiences.

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Catalina Island Medical Center Healthcare Heroes Campaign Website Shown on Computer Screen
Rendering: CIMC full-page newspaper ad for 'Healthcare Heroes'
Catalina Island Medical Center Heroes Campaign Ad in Newspaper
Catalina Island Medical Center Healthcare Heroes Campaign Video Shown on Tablet

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