Channel Islands Harbor Website

Channel Islands Harbor Website

The Channel Islands Harbor is a bustling, colorful, working harbor. This waterfront hub of Ventura County is home to adventurous activities like Paddle-boarding and Jet-skiing, delicious eats at local hot spot restaurants, the biggest farmer’s market in Ventura County, and so much more.

We were so excited to design, develop and launch this new website for the harbor! This WordPress site features custom integration with the National Weather Service including publishing weather information, sunrise and sunset times, as well as high and low tide times, all custom styled. Since Channel Islands Harbor is a working harbor, we made sure to keep much needed boating and business-related information just a click away – ensuring seamless interaction for all users.

Custom styled listing pages and landing pages for top attractions, a new blog feed for harbor updates, and Instagram feed all keep users engaged with the information they’re looking for. And a mobile friendly site ensures users can access the website anywhere.

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