Camarillo Healing Rooms Website

Camarillo Healing Rooms Website

The Camarillo Healing Rooms mission is to provide a safe, loving and confidential environment. Somewhere people can find inspiration and receive healing prayer.

CHR’s website conveys that same sense of comfort, safety and stability. A spacious layout and a tranquil color pallet provide emphasis and improve readability. SSL is enforced at the server level, so users scheduling a ministry or prayer session can rest easy knowing every aspect of their experience with CHR is confidential.

One of CHR’s features is a regular newsletter, so calls to action invite new subscribers (in a non-intrusive way) throughout the site. A custom (CSS/javascript/php) PayPal Giving integration makes supporting CHR easy, intuitive and fun. Multiple avenues for visitors to directly provide support are made available; from shopping at Amazon to making recurring contributions.

Several custom post types and taxonomies were created to present and organize CHR’s content (teachings, blog posts, and testimonials in different formats). Custom filtering makes CHR’s archive of Teachings really easy to sort (down to topic, speaker and series). Accessibility and responsiveness are baked in too, for visitors of all abilities, on any device.

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